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Doug Minkema's Old Age story:

I have had the same exercise routine for the last 25 years. I lift weights 4 days a week and I run stairs on the other 3 days. When I run the stairs I run up a flight of stairs turn around walk back down and do this 40 times in a row. When a got to my early 60's I had to start reducing the weight on some of the weight exercises I was doing. Then I started having trouble doing 40 flights of stairs. I gradually had to reduce to 30 flights with a couple of rests along the way.

I finally went to my doctor and said that something was wrong. I thought I was in too good of health to be having the endurance problems I was having. He had several different types of tests performed on me and when all the results were back we sat down in his office. He said that I was in good health and nothing was wrong, I was just getting old and would never be able to do 40 flights of stairs again.

I am now 66 and this spring I started taking the JDI Multi Vitamins and Minerals with added Vita-Stim Concentrate. After 6 weeks one morning I was doing my stairs and I did the 30 flights with no rest stops. 2 days later I did 33 flights and the following week I did 40 flights with no rests.

I was so excited that I decided to double down. I purchased the Vita-Stim concentrate and started taking it in addition to the Vitamins and minerals. Four weeks after starting the Vita-Stim I was doing my stairs one morning and was not very tired when I reached 40 flights so I kept going. I did 50 flights that morning and one week later I did 60 flights. I am now doing 66 flights (My Age) which is far more than the 40 I did when I was in my 40's and 50's.

I also noticed that some of my weight exercises stared to seem to be easier. For the Last several weeks I have been increasing the weight on various exercises and I am gradually getting some of the muscle mass back that I had loss because of age.

I LOVE this stuff!!!

Doug Minkema
616 14th Street
Arcata, CA 95521

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Doug in his vegetable garden
Dave McMurray with his Parkinson's story:

It's been over 2 years ago that I was introduced to Emergent Health's Vita-Stim. I had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2005, and began the depressing progression that is inevitable. My symptoms included a noticeable slow down in movement, a forward leaning shuffle, a tremor developing in my left hand, the PD stare, and just an overall feeling of aches, and fatigue.

After about 2 months on Vita-Stim, my friends, (and my Dr.) began noticing a difference in how I looked and moved. My doc even asked me what was going on. When I told him about Vita-Stim, he asked for the info. I had also been, (and am still trying to keep it up), working out 4-5 days a week.

Whatever the reason, I am not shuffling, my overall movement has improved significantly, and the tremor has stopped. I don't claim to be cured of PD, but I and my family and friends do know I have improved significantly, and am better off now, than I was 2 years ago. I've even decided to get our Thunder Roadster prepared for a series of practice sessions at Redwood Acres Raceway. If all goes well our next stop will be Infineon Raceway in Sonoma... I can't wait.

Dave Mc Murray
Bend, Oregon
707 496-4592

P.S. I am back in the Race Car....I'm sure glad I gave it a try!

Dave at Redwood Acres Raceway-Eureka CA

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