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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1) Vita-Stim Concentrate (Adult Stem Cell Nutrtion and Support)
2) Multi Vitamins and Minerals with added Vita-Stim Concentrate

Contents of the Emergent Health Products:

* I was wondering about the 'iron' content/ingredient you allow in the Multi-Vitamins/minerals. I thought companies were moving away from adding iron to vitamins?
Iron deficiency anemia is highly prevalent in the general population and is almost as common as Vitamin D deficiency. The largest selling vitamins in the world still contain what ours contain, that is 1/3 the minimum daily require_once_oncement.(MDR). We thoroughly researched this.

The form of iron we use for our JDI 1/3 minimum daily require_once_oncement is the organic fumarate total of 6 mg. It is one of the safest forms to use as it does not over accumulate, nor cause constipation at that dose.

* Are you products Organic?
"Organic", "Kosher" "Halal" certifications are all paid for designations. We would qualify for all of them, but do not think it worth the money.

* A lot of people feel that Fluoride is not good for you. Why are you adding it to your Vitamins?
The Fluoride in our product is at micronutient level and is contained as a natural mineral found in the AFA, along with many other natural micronitrients from AFA. We do NOT add any synthetic fluorides to the product.

The source of the fluoride is the natural form of mineral fluoride found in your teeth and in nature is called Apatite (calcium fluoro-chloro-hydroxyl phosphate).

* There is a lot of concern that supplements, especially those manufactured outside of the US contain dangerous amounts of heavy metals such as lead. Do your products contain heavy metals?
Over the years, there has been a decline in the quality of multi vitamin ingredients. This is because companies often turn to exporters overseas who will manufacture the ingredients cheaply and quickly. Even here in America, many dishonest companies have tainted the industry with inferior formulas and dangerously mislabeled products. Our product is manufactured in an American GMP-certified and FDA inspected facility.

Our products do not contain heavy metals. When ingredients arrive at out manufacturing plant they are checked for heavy metals.

* From Donna: I am an extremely sensitive celiac patient.Are any of your products made with gluten?
All of our products are gluten free.

* I would like to enquire if these bone marrow stem cells could promote tumor growth and also if they contain microcystins?
There is no evidence that Bone marrow adult stem cells promote tumors. They may migrate there to help repair damage, but that is all.

As Far as microcystins are concerened:
1. Our source is always analyzed for microcystins as part of Quality Assurance.
2. We have data on every batch as to safety regarding microcystin content.
3. We receive Certificates of Analysis on every product run
4. Our supplier is monitored by the U.S Department of Agriculture
5. Our supplier is also monitored by the Oregon State Department of Agriculture
6. All of our ingredients are certified microcystein safe.

* Does the Vita-Stim Concentrate conflict with any other health product
The only drug interactions we are aware relate to:
1. Coumadin - In which case the doctor can adjust dose if far that has not been the case of anyone we know about.

2. Old type anti-depressants known as MAO inhibitors that are not comonly used anymore.

* Please advise if Magnesium Stearate are in the products that you sell. Thank you.
Magnesium stearate is NOT in the Vita-Stim capsules (Rice Flour is the Excipient in those).

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals: It is impossible to make a caplet like the Multi-Vitamins without Magnesium stearate. It is nominal and is of vegetable origin. There is a fabricated scare going on about magnesium stearate. If anyone even eats a slice of cheese, they get 10 times more magnesium stearate than in a whole bottle of our Multi-Vitamins.

* Just wondering if I should be taking an omega 3 supplement along with the Vita-Stim Concentrate. Thank you Lynda
There are some Omega 3 fatty acids in Vita-Stim. If a person has a Triglyceride problem, they may wish to consider adding the Omega 3 supplement.

* Can you tell me what is the difference between The Vitamins with added Vita-Stim and the Vita-Stim Concentrate?
The 2 products have completely different purposes. The Vitamins and Minerals give a person their daily require_once_oncement of the major vitamins and minerals needed by their body. The Vita-Stim Concentrate provides nourishment, vitamins and minerals specially for the bone marrow to help the bone marrow create more adult stem cells that are then used by the immune system to help repair and replace cells in the body. The Vitamins include_once a 1/3 portion of Vita-Stim concentrate in them.

I believe that everyone no matter what their age should take the Vitamins. They are herbal vitamins and are produced from plants and contain no heavy metals. They are the best vitamins on the market with the added Vita-Stim in them which creates a powerful combination. If a person is older or has some specific health issues they then should also consider taking the Vita-Stim Concentrate in addition to the vitamins. The vitamins will also provide building blocks of vitamins and minerals for the extra adult stem cells created by the Vita-Stim to use to repair and relace cells.

* Has there been a "Blind" clinical study with haft the patients receiving Vita-Stim and half receiving a placebo to prove Vita-Stim creates Adult stem cells?
There are specific ingredients in Vita-Stim that have been scientifically proven to increase adult stem cells in humans, animals and in test tubes on numerous occasions. There is no need for a clinical study with one group getting the Vita-Stim and the other a placebo. The very fact such ingredients have been proven obviate a reason to give someone a placebo. This permits us to continue to "third party label" our product within FDA compliance and avoids the risk of someone calling Vita-Stim a "drug" and not a functional nutritional supplement. We are NOT a drug, we are a nutritional supplement.

* Is this product the same as klammath lake blue green algae except you all fortify it with 2 extracts of the same algae for a more concentrated effect. But can\'t the algae in all reality achieve same results if you take several grams a day??
In order to obtain the same affect of two Vita-Stim, one would need to take 10 to 12 plain AFA. That makes plain AFA both cost prohibitive as well as less likely for compliance.

* How does Vita-Stim compare with other stemcell supplement products?
The Vita-Stim patented formula compared to most other stem cell nutrition products:

A. 750 mg versus 500 mg per capsule
B. 45 Grams versus 30 Grams in a bottle
C. 33.33% more active ingredients per capsule
D. Up to 2 times more of one of the most active ingredients Phycocyanin
E. Up to 5 times more of the second most active ingredient PEA and its complex

Vita-Stim Effectiveness against Diseases:

Vita-Stim is not Disease Specific and does not cure any disease. It helps your bone marrow create more Adult stem cells which are used by the immune system to replace dead cells and help repair the body. A stronger immune system should help your own body work on its problems.

* What effect does Vita-Stim concentrate have on a person's health?
Adult stem cell production from the bone marrow declines with age. Vita-Stim Concentrate has been scientifically proven to increase levels of Adult Stem Cells produced from the bone marrow. One of the primary functions of adult stem cells released from the bone marrow is to support the body's immune system. These adult stem cells contribute to the body's ability to renew and repair its tissues ( Read about Natural Renewal System). The released Stem Cells help to strengthen the body's Immune System (Natural Renewal System) which helps your body to repair it's self and fight diseases.

* How does Vita-Stim work against PARKINSON'S DISEASE and other similar Diseases?
The developer of Vita-Stim was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD). He saw that the other adult stem cell enhancers on the market were not formulated for maximum potential to release adult stem cells from the bone marrow. He also knew adult stem cells declined with age, and hypothecated that the more of them he had circulating, the better potential repair in any part of his body. It worked so well for him, he decided to make it available to everyone.

There is no scientific proof as to why additional Adult Stem cells from the bone marrow would help a person with PD or any other problem. However, PD kills brain cells and adult stem cells from the bone marrow can become brain cells so logically it makes since to some people that the more adult stem cells you have the more brain cells your body's immune system can repair and replace.

* Can the JDI Multi-Vitamins & Minerals with stem cell support help people with CANCER or people who are concerned about getting cancer?
Adult stem cells have been used to treat many types of Cancer. A person with a strong immune system has a better chance of their own body fighting the cancer or preventing the cancer from getting started. The JDI Multi-Vitamins and the Vita-Stim Concentrate help increase the daily amount of circulating Adult Stem Cells in the body that are available for the immune system to use.

A Quote from Dr. John Cappello: "It makes sense to me that the more healthy circulating adult stem cells a person has in their system, along with the immune system response our product has and the added Vitamin D, JDI Vitamins are an asset one would want to have in one's system".

* I am a dialysis patient. I must limit my fluid intake so taking Vita-stim on an empty stomach with water could be a challenge! Would it be ok to take it after my meal with my cup of water, therefore I wouldnt be increasing my intake? ?
Vita-Stim Concentrate and the JDI Multi-Vitamins and Minerals with added Vita-Stim were both formulated to be able to be taken Hot or Cold meaning they can be taken with or without food. It does not matter when you take them or with what you take them with.

A message from Dr. John Cappello: "We have many renal dialysis patients who take Vita-Stim and report feeling better. Dialysis takes out the bad and the we usually explain to take it before and after dialysis, but not the day of dialysis. It is usally something their attending Physician should know, and hopefully their Physician is proactive as to taking extra nutrition."

* I have interstitial cystitis and am no longer going to take vitamins because they irritate my bladder or my kidney..suggestion please..want to be healthy..thanks
Some people with Interstitial Cystitis do have issues with MultVitamins...but Vita-Stim Concentrate at 1 capsule two times a day could provide some long term help.

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