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Dave In Las Vegas Nevada (Heart Problems)

The other day I missed the bus and ended up running a half a block to get it at the next stop. I had no pain just a little out of breath. I could never of done that before taking stem cell vitamins.

Doug In Arcata California (General Fitness)

Taking both the Multi-Vitamins and the Vita-stim Concentrate has helped be keep a good level of fitness through my late 60s and into my 70s. I lift weights several times a week and jog several times a week along with playing golf. I do not feel I would be in as good a shape as I am if it were not for the Emergent Health Corp. products.

Scott Bartlett In Reno Nevada (Cerebral Palsy)
My name is Scott; I am a 49 year old teacher. I was born with cerebral palsy. I have an unusual gait and I have a limited range of motion in my legs. This makes walking and putting on my shoes difficult and painful. I have been taking vita-stim for about six months. I take no other medication. I took the vita-stim for about a month with no change. The beginning of the second month I was talking to a friend about the absence of pain. He asked what had changed. The only change I could think of was the vita-stim. In that same time period my blood pressure dropped 15 points. I can think no other reason. Vita-stim is cheaper than my blood pressure medication so I am a believer.

Wayne In Mckinleyville California (Eye Floaters)
Taking the Multi-vitamins with Vita-Stim has greatly reduced the number of eye floaters I have. After several months of taking the vitamins I began noticing a decrease in the number of floaters and how often they occurred. Now after a few years of taking the vitamins the floaters only occur every once in a while.

  • Helps YOUR body Repair and Regenerate

  • Improves YOUR Stamina and Energy

  • Assists YOUR Immune Defense system

  • Boosts YOUR Mental Sharpness, Focus and Mood
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