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Vita-Stim Concentrate

Vita-Stim Concentrate is not a drug; it does not contain anything toxic or synthetic to our bodies. Vita-Stim is a unique natural food supplement that supports your body's natural renewal system by helping your body create additional Adult Stem Cells.

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Product Pages:

* Vitamins and Minerals Stem Cell Nutrition Support:

This page gives information on the Vitamins and Minerals Stem Cell Nutrition Support Product along with pricing and an on-line order link.

* Vita-Stim Concentrate: This page gives information on the Vita-Stim Product along with pricing and an on-line order link.

* Vita-Stim Concentrate
(For Pets):
This page lets people know that Vita-Stim Concentrate is also good for pets such as Dogs, Cats and Horses.

Administrative Pages:
* About Us: This page talks about Vita-Stim Concentrate, the Multi-Vitamins, Emeergent Health Corp.(The developers and manufacture of the products), and Mink Enterprise who owns and operates this web site

* Contact Us: This page allows you to contact the staff of Mink Enterprises LLC that administers the Stem Cell Vitamin Store Web Site

* Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains questions we have received about our products and the answer to those questions

* Natural Renewal System (Immune System): This page has a great example of how the body repairs and regenerates its self

* News about Stem Cells: This page contains interesting articles about adult stem cells

* Shopping Cart: Shows wat items you have put in your cart and starts the check out process
* Stem Cell Information: This page provides some great basic information on what are stem cells, why are they important, what are the unique properties of all stem cells and what are adult stem cells.

* Site Map Page: Lists and gives descriptions of all of the pages that are part of the Stem Cell Vitamin Store.

* User Feed Back Page: Comments sent to us by customers who have purchased and used Vita-Stim

Emergent Health Corp. Products:

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